Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day, My Scale Is Broken!

Well, I decided that I am going back on my diet...I did Weight Watchers previously & had to quit when I found out I was expecting my youngest child, but I was quite successful at it & lost 40 pounds. I am hoping for the same success again this time around!

Anyway, this morning I stepped on the scale so I'd have my starting weight, and it said 200.4 pounds. I did a double-take & re-weighed myself, it said the exact same weight, 200.4 pounds! Two days ago, when we bought the scale, I weighed myself & it had said at that time I weighed 212 pounds...there is NO WAY I could have lost 12 pounds in 2 days!!!! (That would be really nice if it were true, but even I know that's not healthy to lose that much weight that fast...I'm not on "The Biggest Loser".) Oh well, I'm gonna use the lower weight and hope that my scale isn't wrong; I may be going for my annual physical soon & will compare my weight at the doctor's office to what my scale says to see what is more accurate. (An update...I just weighed myself again (at 5:30 pm) & the scale said I weighed 227.4 pounds! I'm pretty sure that number is probably accurate, so I'm gonna use that number unless I see something different at my physical. Stupid scale has a life of its own, I swear!)

My ultimate goal is to lose at least 50 pounds...we'll see how it goes this time around! Wish me luck, cause I'm sure I will need it!

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